Sunday, January 23, 2022


Against the Tide — The powerful current of Fr Stan Swamy’s activism

A request by a prisoner for a pair of pants to be sent to him in jail might seem unremarkable. So it is, except that in this case, Fr. Stan Swamy, the one who pleaded for it, intended it not for himself but for a fellow prisoner who couldn’t afford to buy one.

Despite Workplace Discrimination and Denial of Basic Rights: Delhi Nurses Opens Community Kitchen to Feed the Hungry

AIIMS nurses are in an ongoing battle for securing basic rights even in the face of a pandemic. A notice put out by AIIMS Nurses criticised...

Politics of Superiority and Discriminated Dignity of Regional Languages – A.S. Gawrisanker, Delhi

We congratulate the activists of United Malayalam Movement (Aikya Malayala Prasthanam) for orgnising the uncompromising movement in order to ensure question papers in mother tongue (in...

The Delaying Justice- Postal worker’s ongoing struggle for survival

The Indian postal department, which is the largest postal network in the world, seems to be in utter chaos after the proclamation of an...

An alarm to the temperature rise – Thasni Salim

Along with the reports of global warming scientist frequently ask a question to the human kind and to themselves, what happen if all the...

Government nod for professional agency to manage pulses buffer stock

News Courtesy : The Economic Times The government has approved engaging a professional agency for efficient management of buffer stock of pulses, being created for...

It’s Story Time – Kovalam Literary Festival 2010 – Jacob Abraham

Oct 2-3, Kanakakunnu Palace, Trivandrum Making an opportunity to meet and chat with some important writers around the world, the third Kovalam Literary Festival-2010 has...

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