Dr. Mary Annie A.V, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala


Dr Mary Annie A.V,(M,Sc., Ph.D) writes under the pen name anna maria. She has been recipient of the Shanker’s International Prize in Writing at the age of five for her poem titled ‘ My Brother’, which was subsequently published in the Illustrated Weekly of India. She was an announcer for the English Yuvavani programme in All India Radio for nearly ten years during her college career and did several features for the English sessions of Yuvavani, AIR., Thiruvananthapuram. Though her subject is Zoology, her life is filled with writing and literature and to her the simplest definition of Poem is :

Virgin white paper



She has been a recipient of several acclamations and her poems have been published in ‘Mirror’ and several anthologies in and abroad.

At present she works in the University of Kerala and resides in Thiruvananthapuram with her husband and three children. Her maiden collection of poems are published as ‘MY BEADS UNSRUNG’  by Poetree Garden, Thiruvananthapuram in 2006. Her poems can be read at www.museindia.com