Jayaprakashan Ambali


Jayaprakashan Ambali is from Kozhikode; he is a mechanical engineer from NIT, Kozhikode, has a masters degree from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. He has worked for HAL, Bangalore, has been a researcher in economics, was a propulsion engineer with a major airline, and is at present working in the aviation sector for the Government of Australia. Approaching retirement, he has a lot of time to ruminate, about a life guided by chance events and good fortune punctuated by occasional malayalee determination and sense of adventure. His earlier publications have been in the banal areas of economics and public policy.


  1. hi ….i m frm perumthiruthy,caliciut ….. prakashaetta,u really is an inspiration to all of us…. ur determination,visionary mentality, etc etc makes u a solid role model to us……….


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