A Silence Within – Sanjay Das, Tripura


Even a word may dethrone the king, or his heir,
I kept on drafting and deleting my mind,
All annoying thoughts kept aside for a while…
Tried to untangle the mysteries within faces,
Like an old lady untangles her locks of hair.

I lost my path, the known subways are dark, brooding
Grounds for horrid figures, half human half beast,
Hissing sounds all around, toxic tactics are made,
Am I about to be swallowed by the mystic figures?
A ghastly act of sin, an inevitable danger looming.

A run of a lifetime. Hard to overcome lifeless obstacles,
A scene of revulsion, red wine spilled all over,
Will I be one among them or be one with the Devine?
No cries, no sound of peril, only a Cover
Of a deafening silence, silences the rational questions.

Be pious or sinful—the oscillation of mind,
Let’s have a Death of soul, and be artistic in tongue,
Let’s make false promises and bring a temporary smile,
Although, screams within, asking several questions,
I kept on drafting and deleting the answers I find.


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