Am I stranger to you? – Raju


I became rainbow for you
And you closed your eyes,
I became a melodious song
And you shut your ears,
I became a bed of roses on your path
And you changed your path,
I became spring for you
And you took asylum in winter;

I came to your night
With gentle chillness of moon light,
Whisperings of night rain,
Fragrance of night flowers,
Melodious song of Night lark,
Stars to guard you, and
I became sweet dreams for you
And you stopped sleeping;

I saw you wandering through the
Streets of love
And rushed to you to hold your hands
You vanished in the thin air,
When I became shelter
You went to the streets of uncertainty to strand,
When I came to you with love
You ran away, as if I were an horrible stranger;

I was stupefied on your attitude,
I was burnt on your neglect,
I forgot my songs,
I lost my soul,
My hopes are vanished,
My dreams are shattered,
My heart is dead,
My life is still!



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