Did I tell you?
The moment I saw you
My heart missing a beat
Sank to the pit of my being
Painting me blue and pink.

Did I tell you?
How my heart was whispering
Your name with every beat
How I yearned for your nearness
All the while pretending that you did not exist.

Did I tell you?
Even as I watched someone else
My inner eyes were on you
Capturing stills of your movements
To be encased in the album of my heart.

Did I tell you?
When you called my name
Ever so softly like the whisper
Of the falling leaves
My heart flew out to you.

Did I tell you?
I trapped it
And caged it securely
For no one to spy it
In my naked eye.

Did I tell you?
That I dare not look at you.
For you would glimpse the truth
I never wanted to share with any one
Not even with you.

Did I tell you?
That I smiled and smiled
While all the while my ego
Urged me to run away
So that I would save my self respect.

Yes, did I tell you?
While acting out my meagre role
I was running inside wildly
Searching for holes and nooks
To lick my bleeding heart.

Did I tell you?
It was to save the last
Vestige of womanly dignity
Before being stoned to death
By the eyes of self styled puritans.

Did I tell you?
That I loved you
But my love was doomed to death
Like a still born babe
In the womb.

No I couldn’t tell you
They are the primitive urges
Of the wild self residing in me
Trapped with in my conscious self
Leading a custom bound conventional life.

But let me tell you now
My love Phoenix like
Resurrecting in a friendship perennial-
Is watered by unconditional love,
And sustained by the Almighty sun.


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


  1. A Magical poem. The lovesick presentation of ‘I’ (poetic self) to ‘You’ (the invisible) is deep felt. lovable lines that catches one in a stroke. It’s like bloom of a lonely chrysanthemum. The pain of honesty, pain of pride, pain of self respect…. while skinning the soul bare. Lathaji: Congrats and thank you for giving us such a beautiful verse.

  2. You have expressed all these paradoxical emotions that one feels in love so beautifully! The tussle between the ego, the society as opposed to love is expressed nicely. Wish you all the best in love and in penning such touching poems. It is evident that it comes from the heart:-) As nice as your painting! Keep it up.


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