A dream -Resham Sharma, Raipur


I got to bed early that night
A starry night i must add
Tired and ready to sleep
I let my eyes close upon my bed
My eyes shut open
I knew it was a dream
Amidst a bunch of people
I was standing, it seems
My weaknesses held me back
But my strengths pushed me forward
The burning desire inside me
Kept me away from things that were absurd
They threw oil at me
Because they knew i had fire inside
The fire increased and engulfed me
With people laughing on me beside
But the rain of determination
Was bound to come
It fell on me destroying the fire
I always knew my will power was wholesome
They threw soil at me
Until i was completely covered
But then i remembered the ocean of hard work
It swept across me engulfing me in mud
I was confused why it had to be this way
Then i got the drift, i was a lotus, i hear they say
They surrounded me, enough of them
Exerting pressure i have never experienced
I didn’t know what was to arrive
Then i saw the light of success
It came from me
I became a diamond with immense shine
The people were no where to be seen
Because they couldn’t stand the light, i believe
What a dream it was, i thought to myself
Just then the lightning of victory was heard
I knew it would arrive
Because it wasn’t just a dream
It was a dream called “life”!


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