I will Never Read Shakespeare – Vivek Sinha, Bihar


Things were better when she wasn’t here,
Days and nights were passing reading Shakespeare,
I would sit on the window looking on the streets,
With a healthy heart dancing on the rock beats,
And there I met her in a hostile crowd,
She held my hand and we went chasing the clouds,
We reached the beach with our panting lungs,
We laughed together as they still saw us young,
I asked her if I could touch her bare feet,
I still remember she had blushed a little,
We walked on the sand looking at the red sky,
If I could stop the dusk as I feared goodbye,
Next day on the dining table,
Everything around seemed telling me a fable,
The tasteless rusk sounded euphony,
I was in a hurry to reach my honey,
In the happy crowd, she couldn’t be located,
And, the beach, the evening and I felt isolated,
I waited for her hours, days and the whole season,
I waited for her, petting our sandcastles with no reason,
They started laughing at me calling me mad,
It made them glad and made me sad,
Anyone would come, throw pebbles at our sandcastles,
My seasons were passing on the beach in these hassles,
A day they were lip-locked when they saw her coming,
I ran and ran in a hurry,
I was happy and they seemed sorry,
But before I could speak, she told me a story,
She was tearful and so I said- will do what I can,
She was crying on my shoulder for another man,
I felt dejected for both of us,
They seemed confused- why the fuss?
Two hearts had been broken with no sound,
They kept doing all the talking in the background,
Summer was progressing well as she was regular,
We talked dawn to dusk, about us in particular,
A day, she asked me to be the man of her dream,
I asked if it was the right time to take it to an extreme?
She had returned to beach running from a disaster,
But her wounds were healing better and faster,
Then an evening came when she made me astounded,
For her, I was not more than a rebound,
I was irritating, annoying and bothersome,
She was seeing someone who wasn’t this dumb,
Though I made millions of mistakes which could have been avoided,
But I never felt so damn exploited,
I stand in the mirror and remember her words,
All the nice men sound boring. And am I a nerd?
When I go to the beach, they all laugh again,
I listen to their chuckles, but laugh with them,
I bought new books, and I read- how to control your fear?
All old books are locked in my cupboard, I will never read Shakespeare.


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