Master Fear – S. Subramanian, Chennai


In the olden days, I peeped out of my midnight window

To search for that elusive stranger

Who has pumped more blood from my heart

than any sporting art.

Often, he had shaken my faith and strength

with red thoughts of unknowing length

that twisted and turned to make my mind burn with care and concern.

Even during schooldays, he had brought

dreams of ghost and spirits

That had danced on my pure soft mind.

Exams and results had pierced my joy

More than love and death in the second stage

of my tremulous breathing.

But ah! I sensed bliss and respite

When Marriage brought a baggage of joy

From sex to gold.

But time’s terrible flow drained

every blessing except the mounting responsibilities.

Now, he comes again

Not as a ghost, nor as a stranger

But as a cruel shylock

To get back the interest and peace

from my salty purse.


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