The Mountain – Inder Mohan Singh, Chandigarh


The mountain beckons me
to venture it once more
But I know that it mocks me
seeing my past endeavors

It seems a thousand days
But it was a fortnight ago
That I went out seeking the peak
but was washed away to the shore

I tried every day and night
for my effort to fruition
Only to be failed again
without any acquisition

I deliberated again and again
to work out a successful plan
No brighter mind was in sight
as, with me, there was no man

I ascertained, by my lonely self,
I made it a pretty big deal
The mountain was an anthill
when I stood up on my heels

I smiled sheepishly for a while
on what I saw as daunting
I brushed the dirt off my clothes
and walked right through the mountain


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