Ode to the spirits – Harmeet Singh, Dehradun


Breezing the dark skies, thou have been from ages
Maybe in your state, the present so absent mind acts like sages.
Thou art free, aloof of witherdness
Loitering palely with little haggardness.
O spirit, thou must be so fortunate,
Left the materialistic cover, now with no obscurity
Yet so unfortunate, all thy prominence hath gone.
But no, prominence has a lot to do when we die,
Because the world is prone to learning through absence.
O spirit, are you just a deception,
Or is it the other way round,
Lulled us from commencement to eternity.
Is it the heaven or hell ye dwell?
Or the solitude of winds ye inhabit
Withal ye ail, absent in the above three
Ye still are the one reigning the mentations.


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