Pain – Dileep R.S


Different  seasons,

Diverse reasons,

Are the treatment of nature,

To refresh the soul.

The burning candle

Glows to rekindle,

None does it bother:

The melting flesh,

Or the inflicted pain.

Let me dive deep into river dark,

Forget myself as to embark

On this journey from the bottom,

Where dwells only roots of lotus,

Home in sludge, bloom atop bliss.

When the heart laid bare,

Look who is watching

Along your grief to care,

Could be a bird wailing

Or an endless hugging green.

Countless running skies,

Yours, hers, mine, all eyes,

Intricate wild masterpieces

Yet without one sun so lifeless.

Singular one and the supreme self,

Not we His mere reflections;

Post in the grief to the server

And see like the lens catching Sun,

That burns the paper to boy’s wonder.

Wake up! Gradually,

From the dreamy pond;

Shiver thyself afresh,

Embrace the new born sun.

It’s a new beginning,

On this novel cast,

The life’s ready singing,

Invigorated from the past.



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