String between the heaven and earth
Being played by the breeze buzzing around,
Thunder and lightning prior
Giving a welcome note to the music,
Ending the note of the music
By the cry of the frogs,
Rains always make it rain inside you…
Tears of the mother earth rolled on us
To sanctify us from all sins,
Though tears it viviates a fresh soul
It rejuvenates a wretched mind,
Bereaved by her kid’s sins
Sheds tears to cleanse them,
Rains always make it rain inside you…


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


  1. Hi Maya:
    Liked the way you have beautified the rain and the concept of it raining into one’s hearts, mother earth crying  it out cleaning one’s sin. Well said. As you said, yes it rains for us, only that we should take it as its given. Good effort. 


  2. As refreshing as rains itself, healing the pining hearts in a gentle touch! keep it up Maya!


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