Lost amidst the field of fouls
Seethes venom through the veins
Staring at the haunting souls
Senses shackled; fear reigns
Golden blooms, torn and burnt
Before the noble bud could sprout
Faith, Respect, honour, pride
Lost among the woods of doubt
Silent whispers, Dark howls
Echoes on the silent hills
Thoughts devour the fire of youth
And fall into a lunatic�s trench
A far cry, the cry for help
Reverbs on the mountain slopes
Death!! I scream for the corrupted soul
Die in this wretched trench and stench
Resurrect on the pastures dear soul
Cleanse, redeem!! Life, My soul!!


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


  1. very …very strong writing coupled with spectacular imagery… you definitely know how to voice discontent!


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