The Path of Nirvana – Karthika S B, Kerala


Who is the carnifex of my thoughts?
I am in the midst of some insights
The shadow in the front is not mine
The length and width seem different
It is perspicuous
That…that of my thoughts are ridiculous
But all the embryos of my thoughts incinerate
The lovely moments and eventful life leave me no subject
My life blood begins to boil as lava
It will surely take my ‘jeeva’
Incognito! Incognito!
Bosh, the shadow seems to laugh at me, growl at me
But my brave look incarnates the body of the shadow
Hurrey! Hurrey!
He is the awakened man from Plato’s cave
He holds my hand …
Together we walk..
Together we talk…
Together we think…
Together we realize the charming life of Lord Krishna
Together we listen to the ennobling tale of Messiah
Together we know the blissful life of Allah
Together we attune to the path of Nirvana..
The enigma seems blurred
Our thoughts are clothed with holy veil.

Author Bio: I am pursuing PhD in English at St.Thomas College Palai.I am residing at Kollam district, in Kerala. I have participated and presented papers in International as well as National Seminars. I have published articles and poems in reputed journals. I have bagged several literary awards, Dr.Ambedkar Sahithyasree National Award, Kuttettan Puraskaram etc. I have received prizes in essay and poetry competition.


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