The Quest – Anuraag Seshadri


I am on a quest, on a quest unknown
They ask what I am searching for
A question that makes me wonder
For I have lost nothing, then what am I searching for?

What I am searching for has no shape,
It has no color, it cannot be measured and it cannot be bought.
I seem lost as I travel without a route map
There seem to be no milestones to read, there seem to be no footprints that lead.
There are only crossroads.

I meet people who accompany me who are on a quest of their own.
“How will I know that I have found what I want?” I ask them
“You will know when the time comes” they whispered in my ear.

I met travelers in whom I confided my deepest fears, my unrealistic dreams, my ambitious hopes.
I met travelers with whom I fell in love, whose hands I held,
hoping they never part ways when there comes a fork or a bend.
I met travelers who taught me to rise after a fall,
who taught me that getting hurt is not the end of all.

We met with nothing to show for, yet we parted with our hands full, and our hearts complete.
It was when we parted, that I realized I had finally found what I had been searching for.
“Do what you love to do” they said. “You will find what you are searching for”, I was told.
I found what I was searching for.
I found recognition, I found my fifteen seconds of fame.
I realized that the people around me now knew my name.

“Cherish every moment, love with no reservations” they advised.
I found what I was searching for.
I received memories to treasure, I forged bonds stronger than steel
I was blessed with love that would last me a lifetime.
“Keep walking, keep living. It is a long road with more people to meet, and lots more to discover” they said.
I still keep walking, I still keep living.

Now, I need no milestones, I need no maps, I need no footprints.
I meet new people and I make new friends, the road I travel will never end.
Every experience is new, and there are so many more to meet,
I finally realize that my quest will always remain incomplete.


  1. An incredibly beautiful piece of work Anuraag. A poem about moving on, accumulating newer experiences and in the process living life to its fullest. This is a beautiful piece of work but much more than that it is an important one, one that needed to be read and echoed…

  2. Beautiful lines I liked so much ..
    it reminds again…..
    “Searching for the face
    I have never ever seen
    But time has revealed
    That time is yet to come”


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