Asleep, awake, around always;
Light as snowflakes, even dreary and gray,
A touch of reality, whims of caprice;
Stealthy, sometimes bright, at times shadowy surprise.

A glint in the eye, laughter carefree…
Herald thoughts as happy as can be.
Blithe shrugs, the lips-a twist sardonic;
Portentous of feelings all but ironic.

Happily ever after!…this can’t be true!!!
All this and more, a perpetually wondrous to-do.
Virtual reality, an ideal place to be,
Always company, maybe three or ninety three.

Ponderous and heavy, running oceans deep;
A quagmire for sure, intense as gravity.
Quicksand to the mind-is misery,
In space so vast and empty.

A flight of fantasy, daydreams sweet and sappy,
Bouts of fury, even jolts to the memory,
Strokes of serendipity, whatever may they be-
Thoughts reign supreme, here to eternity…


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


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