Tough People Do – Nakshatra, Dehradun


I know that your heart incinerates,
That your story’s got dust on every page.
I see your scars and I know they bleed,
A little time is all you need.

There are days when blood and alcohol run at equal pace,
And you want a way out of this menace.
Sometimes you feel, you’re without a care.
And your skies become grey out of nowhere.
Almost forgot what destination is all about,
There are some chapters you won’t read aloud.
You’ve lost your smile and exhibit a frown,
Your issues press and weigh you down.

And at times you won’t mind losing sleep,
A little faith is all you got to keep.
All you need to learn,is to dance in the rain,
Wear tragedies as armour and do away with the pain.
In the years to come you’ll look and laugh,
You’ve just been a well timed photograph.
Your only choice is to stay strong,
Gather your broken self and prove them wrong.

Don’t wait for this hurricane to pass, find your way through,
Tough times never last,but tough people do.


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