Don’t touch him, don’t touch him
Don’t breathe the air, he is breathing
Stay away from his shadow
You may fall sick,
Said an old man
While coughing on the floor
Stop him, stop him
Entering the temple as
He may pollute the
Sacred God with
His dirty hands

Beware, beware of his shadow
As his shadow may eclipse
Your divine soul

Let him, let him do his work
Said the other well built gentleman
To the new school goers who
Are watching a smiling shadow
And the original being hiding behind
The shadow cleaning the
Human waste
And carrying it on
His head
As if he is
Wearing a crown
Without caring what others
Are saying.


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


  1. This poem is the best poem, i have read this year. The poem is a true picture of the downtroddens in a language which appeals to the emotions of the sensitive readers.

  2. I liked the imagery of the poem. The last lines of the poem are really touching.


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