Get united for the Revolution of our Generation


When capitalism incorporates new forms and models, from whatever is newly created, to thrive in contemporary times, proletarians must adopt new responsibilities in order to ensure an egalitarian society. It is not unfortunate that condition of proletariat is still worse but it is the outcome of a long calculated move that keeps proletariat as exploited which promises the assimilation of more profit to capitalists. For that, at one side they make new markets in addition to expansion of existing ones as well as destroy the traditional markets and, on the other end, they popularize new technology both for production and consumption which makes the working class as dependent of capitalism throughout. The new technology (which is created by large scale research activities) will either makes production cheaper or replaces the life styles of larger society. Hence, until and unless the masses particularly working class gains the ownership of production and distribution, the history will glorify the charisma of hunter.
The globalization of capital makes more barriers to the movement of proletariat everywhere. Before they did it by citing security reasons; but now it is implemented for providing more employment to domestic workers. Nationalization of labour is going along with globalization of capital but it is not because of any nationalist feeling – it is the new mask of capital class. Development becomes the buzz word; and it is proclaimed that sacrifices are needed from the common man in order to develop malls, highways, ports, SEZs etc; the common man is not only sacrificing, they are losing too. The beneficiaries are always the rich.

When migration of proletariat is restricted at one side, their rights are suppressed more and more by individual governments world over. Right to organise is the fundamental pillar of any welfare state but all governments are trying to take away this from them. Whether it is India or Brazil, America or Malaysia – everywhere it is happening. There is a public notion that any kind of protests or organized trade union movements are with hidden agenda. Creation of ‘elite’ public notion is part of propaganda. This propaganda always guarantees a fertile land of profit for capitalists by keeping larger society in confusion, doubts and fights.

It is important to note that movements of proletariat is neither against nor parallel to environmental, gender or any other subaltern movements. We common people need to be utmost vigilant against those who divided us by claiming that all these movements are free from each other. Remember that there are ‘Agents of Enemies’ with the cap of working class among us; identify them and throw them away. Only a united movement of all kinds of downtrodden, marginalized and discriminated can change the power equations existing.

Remember that we need to replace the slogan ‘revolution is change’ to ‘change is revolution’ now. Any change that leads to a meaningful and egalitarian outcome to masses is revolution. Hence any moves that changes the ownership of resources, whether natural or man made, from individual to communities is revolution. Workers of the world irrespective of your religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, language, nationality or any other identity, we all are in the same side. Come, be together. Let’s tell the world that it is the right time to get united to do revolution of our generation. ‘
May day wishes to all.

Sandhya SN & J.T Jayasingh
Chief Editors, Indian Ruminations


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