Time to Get Punished and Get Educated


“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.”
Gloria Steinem

At last the Indian population, especially women responded sensibly and emotionally against the ugly mind set of a sect of Indian men and its wildest manifestation, rape. This is what the right thinking Indians have been expecting from the Indian population for long. If a government or rulers in power are insensitive towards a most dangerous issue then definitely some revolutionary actions are called for from a sensible public.

In fact, this is only a manifestation of the dirty face of the Indian man who has been practicing these heinous acts against women for hundreds of years in closed corners. Now it is suddenly exposed in front of the public mainly because he is increasingly becoming intolerant of the rise of the new generation Indian woman in the society. A society which doesn’t respect its women folk is gravely sick and it needs punishment as well as treatment in equal measures. Now the first step has been taken towards punishment but what about the other aspect? This is high time religious organizations, educational institutions and of course social groups have to ask themselves what have they done so far to educate their male folk instead of trying to cover up their evils or justify their acts by safely putting the blame on the victim in most cases? It is a hard fact that Indian men must be taught how to respect and treat their women folk. Let the whole India get educated, it is no shame a society corrects its own mistakes


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