Literature cultivates minds and this is a great mission. Cultivated and cultured minds make better humanity and better world to live in. This cultivation of mind is a volunteer and thankless job, nobody usually recognizes and the modern nation builders least bother about. That is why for centuries it has been an unorganized area where writers and readers day in and day out involve in their mission not expecting any reward. But it can be failed by the mammoth influences from the economy oriented policy makers and money makers unless the activities of literature rise up to the opportunities and challenges of time and wisely make use of them for its survival. Now in the time of information flood in the net and digitalization of books, enormous challenges and opportunities are in the front.

Literary web magazines not only brought a new platform for young and hitherto unknown writers but also a new revival in the form of literary festivals. A few years ago not many heard about international or national level literary fests and a selected few only got the much coveted chance to attend the festivals like Hay or Jaipur literary fests. In the literary festivals the writers can see each other face to face, mingle with the veterans, participate in readings, discussions etc. and of course acquire lots of inspiration and enlightenment which can fuel them for lot much fruitful literary productions.

On this backdrop we, indianruminations team has decided to conduct a literary festival. Two rounds of meetings involving the IR team and our well wishers have been convened and several important matters have been discussed regarding the fest. We hope that more details and a tentative schedule of the programme will be published here very soon. We are trying to make it a very innovative, accommodative and inspiring event for all the lovers of literature. Our thrust areas will be more discussions on current topics by expert litterateurs, more platforms for budding writers, more interaction between readers and writers, book exhibitions and merging with other art forms. IR is also planning to give away two awards to encourage Indian English writing. We hope your enthusiastic involvement, participation and support will be with this effort as always.

Sandhya S N
J T Jayasingh


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


  1. Eagerly waiting for the event, willing to extend all kinds of possible help to make this venture successful.
    Kindly inform the venue also.

  2. Let that effort be a grand success and let more new writers be recognized! All the very best!

  3. Let that effort be a grand success and let me know how should i help and participate in it actively.


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