Thursday, December 9, 2021

How far to go


In a silent evening when all nature’s sounds are clearly audible, watching a crystal clear stream closely is a blessing in life. The Sun spreads a gloomy dim light while all flocks scream and go back to their far away abodes. It is a magnificent sight, a divine experience and a real gift in life. Air conditioned chambers in multi story buildings in the ultra modern cities cannot match to this experience. But now a days it is an experience very rare to be endowed with.

When we get in to a road in real life we see two wheelers and four wheelers flying in high speed. All wish to overtake others without any patience. They don’t even stop a minute in a forest check post if not to get down for learning and experiencing nature.

Human beings are designed with only two legs, at the most four feet long maximum, who can walk or run a hundred kilometers in a day. It is our natural limitation as homo-sapiens. But had we been within our physical limitations not using our sixth sense or intelligence could we have found out that the world is round and there are millions of stars in the universe? Could we have achieved leaps and bounds in the field of agriculture, medicine, science and so on? We would have exactly lived like animals and there would have been darkness in the night.

We have invented gun powder, wheel, computer and satellite, found new stars, discovered new lands, sent humans to space, and what not. All are wonderful. We have eradicated epidemics and even conducted body parts transplantations. But on the other side more diseases and more complex problems are emerging. As a result of too much development we have found only increase of tablets. It is very difficult to explain now whether new diseases kindle the need of inventing new medicines or new medicines create different diseases.

Now, everywhere there are huge industries, giant constructions, unbelievable machineries, super fast vehicles, mega organizations and programs. If all these are for development then the developments are for what? If development is for the betterment of our world and human life, I am afraid it is not. If a small water body collapses the consequence will be less but if it is a big dam it may cause huge after effects. The same way buildings are growing beyond limits, technological, economical and governing systems are growing complex. What will be the end of all these?

In a gloomy silent night I happened to read a scientific essay of H.G. Wells long back, and I spent a sleepless night. According to scientists, the existence of earth is not constant. Our earth has come out of an accident. And again by accident only living beings have emerged. In this limitless vast universe a living being doesn’t have any hope outside of earth. Hence outside of earth and beyond death there is no hope for humans.

Luckily we can also see these facts from a positive perspective. According to science and religion we have only one magnificent earth and we are blessed with a fantastic physical life that is also only one. So it is our responsibility to live life meaningfully, joyfully and preserve the earth for the next generation.

Make a ball using clay. Make furrows, caves, deep holes and many big structures on it. Do it again and again and see what will happen.

We have already made horrendous mines, huge oil wells on earth. We are sucking out the blood of the earth. When everything is digged out and sucked out what will happen? We are in fact eating away like termites our wonderful house. One day it will collapse and that will be the end of life which is matchless and precious.

Science is good, development is nice but only if it makes our earth and universe a better place to live. If it is for personal profit and too much of pleasure, please stop a second and know that your greediness is heading the world towards its dooms day.

Even in the ultra developed countries like France the present generation is not as blessed as the previous. Now there is unemployment and other life problems. It is happening because of the over greediness and pleasurable life style of the previous generation. On the other hand the developing countries have just begun their turn to lead a greedy life exploiting all natural resources. They are asking the question that should we also have the right to live a life of international standard, which is unfortunately dangerous. By the time all counties in the world finished their course of leading a pleasurable life, the earth would turn to be a place not suitable for life.

We have fridge, car, air condition and what not. That means we are scratching the earth by using petrol, coal, electricity and other natural resources. Above that we are throwing plastics and non degradable and dangerous electronic wastes to the environment.

A motherly white cow is grazing peacefully, slowly and in harmony with the rhythm of nature. It is full, it is satisfied, it enjoys and lives life. My friend, who is riding a car so fast either to earn money or to be fit for survival, please stop a minute and watch how even a crow lives happily, fully. Oh enthusiastic, optimistic, scientist, economist, I know you are dreaming about building tents in stars but when it is a hundred years goal what about the next decade? Please stay and think how far you want to go? And for what do you want to go?

“Lucifer, we are yours who stiff and mute

Ride out of Worlds we shall not see again,

And watch from windows of a smoking train

The ashen prairies of the absolute”.


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