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Ecstasy – Latha Prem Sakhya


Latha Prem Sakhya, a new generation poet declares her poems are more personal than social and express her own strong beliefs and convictions. She was born in 1959 to parents from Neyyoor in the Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu, India. She did her school and college education in Holy Angel’s convent, and His Highness the Maharajas College for Women, in Thiruvananthapuram respectively. Interested in painting and writing her first collection of poems Memory Rain was published by the Monsoon Editions in 2008.She teaches English at Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor. She has published poems in The Quest an international journal devoted to literature, in Muse India .com and PoemHunter.com.


Parched, lips blistered, peeling skin in tatters,

Hair unkempt and disheveled, Mother Earth

Watched her children struggle

For life- giving water.

Helpless, she raced to find succour and relief

Away from the agonized cry for water.

The rain came down

First a few random drops-

Driving the heat and intoxicating scent of the earth.

Bringing out the snakes to taste.

The rain came down

Opening wide the portal of the sky

Sheets of opaque glass.

Hiding the ecstasy of mother

Dancing her earthy welcome,

With outstretched arms.

Casting off her tatters.

Drenched and soaked,

Saturated and brimming

With joy and fulfillment

She sank gratefully water lapped.

The rain came down

Puddles turned to pools,

Pools over brimmed to streams.

The gurgling of the streams

Merging with the symphony of the cicadas-

Drowned by the euphoric concert of frogs,

Soothed and comforted mother earth

Lulling her to sleep

With her satiated children

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


  1. This reeked of the quenching earth’s refreshing scent, drenching the senses of the beholder, as much as the poet, basking in and rejoicing, “dancing her earthy welcome”. It is as if you were waiting as passionately as the parched earth, involving yourself and partaking in the ecstasy ‘with outstretched arms’. The first rain’s arrival evoke sensations of the ethereal kind, at once earthly and poignant. ‘The symphony of the cicadas’ and ‘the euphoric concert of the frogs’ did rake up so much of serene sentiments in me conjuring up many images that included ‘puddles in the country road, smell of new school bags, wind sprung umbrellas…..’
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of poetry that did soothe and soak up areas of my arid mind.

  2. Rains are always inspiring. South West monsoon breaks and there are three months of wind and water with occasional glittering sunshine. The poem is readable but not compelling enough. I liked the expression “Sheets of opaque glass”

  3. Simple yet lyrical imagery . ” Parched, lips blistered, peeling skin in tatters…” it drips and drizzles and finally blooms to the heavy crystal jets…..” Lulling her to sleep

    With her satiated children ”…..Smooth flow all the way.:)

  4. As there is raining and raining, the rain vanishes into rain in mind which is curative, euphoric
    and melodious

  5. Bringing out the snakes to taste.

    The rain came down

    Opening wide the portal of the sky

    Sheets of opaque glass.

    Hiding the ecstasy of mother

    we borrow love and affection from nature- it may be deposited for our future generations…… we have no to return or prospect to repaying the love she given


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