Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Islands – Dr. Anupama Chowdhury, West Bengal



In the shadows of my lonely days

Among the icicles of frigid darkness

I looked into your eyes

For an embalmed touch….


Like a steamed kettle over-burnt

You shrugged off emotions

Distant, nonchalant

A quivering flame died out….



Life stumbles on

As a stale marriage

Conditions apply

And selected practicality….


An amphitheatre of dizzy melancholy

Going round and round

Forceps of pain…

In shadows numberless



Insecure deaths

Whirling around the pool of insignificance

Making an existential effort….

To survive.


Memories, lingering memories

A restless easeful death

The snakes of trauma

Wriggling in sunshine…



To evaporate, to non-exist

Where you and me

Make one, not two

In my ghastly loneliness.


Mossy mind, braided with swampy dinginess

Moist with the toxicity of indifference

Walking barefoot on the pavements of gyrating emotions

Irreversible, irredeemable… making a concord of darkness.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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