Monday, October 2, 2023
PoetryThe Great Indian Rope Trick - Sudhanshu Bhandari, Uttarakhand

The Great Indian Rope Trick – Sudhanshu Bhandari, Uttarakhand


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sThe reticent Sardar finally speaks from the pulpit of an absolute monarch’s magnificence in Stone;

Proclaims of having fulfilled “India’s tryst with Destiny”;

The Wheel of ‘Dhamma’ turns a full circle;

 A Nation born in crisis at Midnight arrives at an Identity Crisis;

Minorities, nationalities and individuals all aspire for an Identity makeover.


What a wonderful sojourn have we made in three score a years;

Travelled from an ‘Area of Darkness’ to a ‘Land of Million Mutinies’;

The Sardar and his cronies proclaim India as land of Gold and Honey;

The bottomless pit of grinding poverty cries out;

“We are a land of malnourished children; of foeticiders, witch-hunters and bride-burners”;

The Madam and her Yes Prime Minister cry out, ‘Treachery Most Foul’

They brand the dissenters as ‘Traitors’ and ‘Maoists’;

Gandhian apostles muzzle all dissent with a little help from our UN friends.


Suddenly, the pygmy-sized ex-army-man bursts on centre-stage;

He is a Gandhian reincarnation of modern times;

The pride and power of a nondescript village;

Now, the centre-stage of ‘Sunday Times’.



The Fakir from Ralegaon thunders and speaks;

launches a tirade against ill-gotten greed;

Men, women and children cry out aloud–He is the pied-piper to save India out anew;

The pests this time are our Nation’s Infamy–men and women who represent our secular democracy.


These law-breakers and law-makers serene pick up Anna’s gauntlet with some unease;

They try to play by ’Divide and Rule’; verily they are Macaulay’s brood;

Aruna’s bill is thrown in between the Nation and Hazare’s dream,

A dream envisaging an all encompassing ombudsman as the conscience-keeper of our truant nation;

I hope this is not Cinderella’s dream.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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