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Reconstructing our solidarity with the farmers’ protest

The controversial farm laws brought by the union government are essentially about the agricultural market. As the domains (Agriculture and the Market) come under...

A Grey Matter – Why are intelligent Indians not celebrated in our movies?

There’s a forward all of us has received at some point of time. It talks about the percentages of Indian doctors in...

Book Review


The Grey Shades of Schools: Formation and Reproduction of Social Class Identities

Ms. Sharmila Rathee The contested terrain of school education in India is entering into new levels of contradictions along with the Corona crisis. As the schools are closed...

Writer’s Dreams, Editor’s Knife and Seller’s Rack: Contemporary Tendencies in Creative Writing

Interiview with Dr Christine Williams, Director, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities by Dr. Syam Sudhakar, Kerala Several universities, colleges and their boards of studies are yet to accept Creative Writing as one among their...

Research Article


The School Function

I was invited to the annual function of our school as the chief guest. After my novel’s overwhelming response, calls and heartfelt...

Aana Bharathi

Each day Radhika tried the plum skin under Bharathi’s neck. The fresh skin, underexposed and unscathed like the underbelly of amphibian body, tingled under...


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