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Disruption- Dr. Bhanu Prabha Dutta Saikia, Assam

“Come sharp, Mother Serious” Going through this telegram delivered to him a day just before his M.Sc final Examination. Ananta became uncertain what to do...

My Wishes – Prof. J.T Jayasingh

Once I walked along a river bank in a silent dusk and a little movement I felt in the bushes and there a motherly...

Mud Slinging

Gilchrist said 'Sachin's a sore' Vengsarkar said 'Gilchrist's a bore' For all he wished was his book released, and the sales of which would soar Annie George

I wait

I Wait… The last birds return back, Lower belly of the sky reddens, Noises drown in dead silence, A lonely star blinks dimly In the distant northern sky’ I wait As...


I use to wear it so simply The radiant armor, my pretty smile One can see me as warrior While I wear it brilliantly I sometimes may conquer...


The tug of war between darkness and light continuing. Trapped in twilight neither does win. So each cry has a bias to laugh, and each laugh touches tears. P. A. Noushad


Fruit Punch

I should have asked her months ago. But I have been preoccupied with my family’s concerns. How will you protect your wife in that unknown place? What will you do if someone harms her? You have no experience in travel. You don’t even know Hindi. How will you get things done? Why can’t you go someplace nearby, like Munnar? But I had promised Agneta, and I couldn’t break it.

Our Men are Learning

“Cut them some slack,our men are still learning.”“Don't be so harsh,our men are still learning.”Did you know thatthe learning...

The Scavenger’s Song

An endless highway. A lone man, Ikbir Kaur, hesitantly walks along the dusty pavement aided by a mystical tinge of...

Must read

Reviewing ‘Obsession and Wild Pigeon’ by Ismat Chughtai

My interest in Ismat Chughtai developed when I first...