Axis of peace cooks war on Qatar


This is nothing but a shadow war on Qatar and it is going to deliver pain and distress to common man and profit to capitalists. The issue is more than an energy crisis and inflation (which will happen very soon if no miracles happen), it is about branding a nation as not trustworthy in a sudden morning. It is very much evident that there was an international conspiracy happened in order to isolate Qatar. If not Saudi Arabia and UAE will not follow Bahrain’s decision to cut off ties with Qatar in half an hour on the early morning of 5th June (probably Bahrain and UAE followed Saudi’s decision only). As an invisible regional power, the Washington is assumed to play a vital role in creating such a situation. Whatever it is international disputes are expected to address through dialogues in 21st century; hence this shadow war is only condemnable. We second Pakistan’s view that intervention of UNO at the earliest is essential now.

As Trump came to power, it was expected that existing equations of international relations will alter in support of arms industry. Now the big brother needs to protect the interests of big corporations than before. Profit is highest during war. Keeping world in the brink of war is nothing but a capitalist drive. The contemporary situation in and around Gulf became a justification for that. It is definite that this economic and trade restrictions on Qatar are not for sponsoring terrorism.

Terrorism is a big threat to international peace and we all, whether in West or East, must join together in order to eliminate it. But we never heard that Qatar was in or sponsoring ‘Axis of Evil’ by those in ‘Axis of Peace’ like America, Saudi Arabia or Israel. We never heard that it is keeping any terrorist camps or protecting any terrorists in its territory or becoming a threat to its neighbouring countries. Never such an allegation came in front of United Nations or any other international forums and never any country accused of Qatar regarding this. Then why this ‘Axis of Peace’ branding Qatar for that?

The prime accusation against Qatar is that it supports Syrian rebels with money and arms. But the whole world knows Saudi Arabia and America support same rebels. Many countries are actively involved in these shia-sunni conflicts but when the Axis targets only Qatar it shows that the real reason is something different.

There can be several possible reasons and all of them will disturb the above Axis. One can be its close links with Tehran. The entire Gulf region along with America is against Iran due to its close links with Russia as well as its growing influence over Syria, Lebanon and Qatar. The Axis does not wish to change the power equations in the energy rich Gulf in support of Shia Iran. But more probable reason can be Qatar’s access to world’s largest natural gas fields. Qatar is sharing this with none other than Iran. The proposed pipeline connecting Qatar and Turkey will make Qatar one of the richest nation on earth and it can end the regional economic dominance enjoyed by Saudi Arabia so far. Qatar spent around $3bn over the past two years supporting the rebellion in Syria for removing Assad regime in order to bring a regime which will ensure the trans-Syrian pipeline. This amount given is larger than any other governments’. Qatar’s foreign policy was decided by its economic gains only.

It is a bargaining and Qatar has to show enormous patience to overcome this. It is depending for almost all on Saudi and it will be difficult to go with FIFA 2022 without GCC’s support as Qatar invested heavily on it. Qatar’s fate is a reminder to others too. Now Yemen, Senegal, Egypt etc opposed Qatar but any of them can be next targets. Iraq, Afganisthan, Pakisthan etc the list now ends with Qatar. The Axis will brand you as ‘sponsoring terrorism’ when you make them upset. Branding as ‘terrorist sponsor’ is the first step towards invasion. Don’t get into the trap.


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