Monday, September 26, 2022

Come to Nature – J T Jayasingh


Dear reader, come with me today, we can go for rather a slow walk. We can peep into nature’s elements and fly in imagination and swim in the pool of thoughts. I believe you can understand the link between a tiny flying bird, morning clouds, colourful sky, swaying plants and the great human activities and achievements.

Look, a small reddish black bird having a beautiful cap on her head sitting alone on a dry branch of a pine tree. Now, she is accompanied by her comrades. I don’t know whether they are her family members or friends. But I am sure one who is perching close to her, holding a dry straw in his beak is her mate. I think, they are in the process of building a nest. How wonderfully they are collecting the materials from faraway places and then building a wonder nest. Without any computer plan, vasthu Sastra and municipality approval, a fine, safe, comfortable, nature friendly house would be ready soon. Even Solomon’s son couldn’t have experienced the comfort the young ones of these couple are going to enjoy. No wonder, the great architects of Rome had learned the basics from these tiny birds and of course from inherited wisdom and from divine vision. This mingling of original knowledge from nature, inherited knowledge and the divine vision were the source of the great masterpieces of the past in art, architecture, music, literature and science.

Keats knew, heard music is sweet and that which is unheard is sweeter. Here heard music means something which comes from a musician’s instrument that he has learned from nature and from his ancestors. Unheard symbolizes the divine music a musician can listen to in his mood of contemplation. Perhaps Mozart’s notes must have been the mingling of these three. He silently listened the gentle blow of breeze the gurgle of streams and shriek of birds, then in his contemplative mood these sounds mingled with divine music of the universe which is unheard by human ears.

Raise your eyes and look at the sky above. Have you ever seen a Kaleidoscopic painting like this? This was quite enough for Michael Angelo to paint his eternal pictures in the St. Peter’s Cathedral. He had learned from nature and was impressed by the historical sense and guided by the divine vision.

From Homer to David Diop and Plato to Carl Marx the knowledge of nature, sense of history and divine vision have made the creative genius of poets and philosophers. Their thoughts were original, eternal and not contradictory to nature or the divine law.

Can you see some yellow fruits falling down from an unknown tree by the touch of a crow? Like this the fall of a red apple made Isaac Newton to brood over the thoughts of gravitational force with the help of divine intuition.  But lately the scientists, artists, poets and philosophers have moved away from nature, and divine vision. Oh! Nature, instead of watching you they are in their mechanical labs and perfumed air-conditioned rooms.

Now there are elegant structures built but without aesthetic beauty marring nature. There are colourful paintings reflecting the confused life. There are literary works without life in it. There are scientific inventions to destroy all universes.

Come poet, scientist, artist and engineers; come to nature and learn the basics. When you learn from books and others, you lose the original knowledge, you lose the divine vision – you are twice away from the reality. Once again come and build up the real original world with your originals thoughts.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.



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