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My Wishes – Prof. J.T Jayasingh


Once I walked along a river bank in a silent dusk and a little movement I felt in the bushes and there a motherly brownish cow was grazing. The peace on its face was simply amazing. She was unbelievably self content and enjoying every chew. Does a cow have any wishes in life? If it has, is it realistic or unrealistic? I don’t know. But I know human beings have wishes. I am not writing about greediness but simple wishes, perhaps realistic and unrealistic. I believe that all the human beings in the world deserve to experience at least these little wishes in this small, beautiful life otherwise in all probability life would simply turn to be a struggle to pass the days.

In a Tamil film the heroine sings about her little, little wishes: ‘I wish to plant paddy in a slushy field… I wish to catch fish to leave it again into water’, the lines go like this. It happened to be A.R. Rehman’s first assignment as a music director, in the Maniratnam film, Roja. The song became an instantaneous hit not only because of great direction, glorious music and mellifluous voice but also to a great extend because of the hitherto untouched simple but universal subject, ‘little, little wishes.

Sitting on the bank of a stream in a silent mountainous area in the evening and watching the sky would be an enthralling experience. The gurgling sound of the flowing water, the occasional chirping and screeching sound of the returning birds and of course the slow change of paints in the sky would take me to heaven.

Sky is a wonderful philosopher. Sky watching gives me immense pleasure and knowledge. Whenever I watch the sky in the evening or night I feel the presence of God and come to know that something divine, blissful, beyond my knowledge is existing. So I would be pleased to spend two, three hours at a stretch during dusk by a stream side watching the changing sky, flowing water and birds flying back to their nests.

Years ago when I just crossed adolescence an unknown chaos engulfed my mind. My soul searched for something real, perhaps a real companion or truth, I don’t know exactly what. Then I would go to a small hill called, Thirumalai just two and a half kilometers away from my home and climb over it. It was also a small pilgrim centre of the Hindu devotees. The moment I sat on the hill, very close to the sky a kind of peace spread through my mind. Even now whenever I feel peace less in my heart I wish to climb to climb up and sit on the hill, very close to the sky alone, all alone.

First rain after a prolonged summer would be always welcomed by all. Rain has different charms in different seasons. Summer rain is so robust, violent and long lasting. It is usually accompanied by horrendous thunder and lightning. First it is forecast by the amalgamation of dark clouds, and then little drizzle evokes the fragrance of soil, then a robust downpour for hours. Simply chewing some snacks with a cup of hot evaporating tea and peeping through a window the dance of trees, spray of rain drops and wet people and birds taking shelter during a summer rain is something which I always love to experience.

I think sometimes I must be excused to dream about a wish which is unrealistic. I am always jealous of birds to fly like them. In this world the creatures that enjoy their life most are birds. Whenever they want they can have a smooth take off and soar high, high in the air embracing the cool current of air and experiencing the panoramic view of the world. They can fly, glide, swoop and dive. They can fly over the oceans, rivers, mountains, deserts, huge buildings and simply what not. I know this wish to fly like a bird may be only a dream.

Another important experience which is missing later in my life and I was blessed with in my childhood is a late evening bath in a village pond or stream. After a day long study and sports practice in the evening it would be simply heart warming to have a bath in the moonlit pond or stream. Wrapping a towel around and plunging myself into the warm water I would watch the reflection of moon in the water. The curly shadows of coconut trees wavering with the small waves and the occasional pinches of small fish is a rarity to experience. Sometimes I would watch the tired labourers joyfully chat and refresh themselves by cracking jokes while taking bath. Sometimes I would be all alone in the wide full pond.

Traveling in a bus sitting in the window seat is something worth doing. I would be extremely happy and thrilled if the ride is through a not very busy city in the night. People would be charming and have a glow when we see them drenched in the night city light. The glittering shops, sparkling vehicles and dazzling skyscrapers would proclaim man’s fantasy and ability to create an artificial heaven on earth. After all light makes all charms on things in life. Sometimes even after a long journey it would be displeasing for me to get down from the bus.

Life is simply a journey. Every moment is filled with experiences. Some we love to have again and again and some we want to forget for ever. We humans have wishes to enjoy which are realistic and unrealistic. In this short life we have every right to have these wishes whether attainable or unattainable without which life would be so hard and too much realistic.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


  1. Sir, reading your article made me feel that I was reading my own thoughts. Simple things in life that give us great joy and fill our mind with a strangely thrilling calm are often unacknowledged. I too am really jealous of the birds, but then if not we atleast our imaginations can fly. We and we alone define the boundaries of our wishes and dreams. your article has captured the essence of simple wishes wonderfully well.

  2. Poetically woven,I felt all my wishes and idle fancies I had hoarded away had been revealed.Thank you.

  3. Your well written post has rekindled all those simple yet sweet desires within me. Sometimes I think Man by nature is a simple being, happy to be in harmony with the nature but its the so called social-pressure that makes him forget or detach the roots his roots with his being-self.

  4. Really echoed my thoughts. The reference to the changing colours of the sky reminded me of an old Malayalam song beginning with the words , ” Who is the beauty, Usha or Sandhya?” Among of my most beautiful memories is watching a clear winter sunset against the backdrop of a medieval monument in Delhi.


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