Once in a year, visit to grandma’s – Rafia Sabih, Uttar Pradesh


The culture and the upbringing of almost all Indian children gift them one common thing i.e. granny’s place to visit once in a year. Though India is a diverse country, having many villages, towns and cities, but the visit to granny’s is almost same experience for each one of us. And also the other peculiar thing about these visits is age never matters to the enjoyment we have during such journeys. The time for this visit is mostly the summer vacations. Trust me, ask the children you meet at railway stations this summer about where they are going, most of them would be replying, “nani k ghar”, or “dadi k ghar”. And it would fascinate you as you too is having the same destination, not geographically but logically!

These train journeys will always be the same for these granny’s children, buying one book from the wheeler (the type of book may change from diamond comics to outlook express), buying samosa, chana, chai etc at every second station. Though have always experienced but does not know how this different childish spirit comes at this particular journey. The eagerness to see your favourite uncle to receive you at the station, never goes away, no matter how many journeys you have managed by your own. And the most anticipated moment is when you finally come to see your granny, her expressions are still the same, and you become the same child at once. Having those halua-paratha, lots of cream n lassi, which are your favourite only at this particular place, once you get back home, you gonna shout at one extra pinch of butter.

Now though you have children of your bhaiya’s around but still you can feel the same desire for cycling and playing at the hot noon. Nothing is tiresome now. With every corner of the home you have your own memories, of getting hurt during hide and seek games, or teasing the villain neighbourhood child from this little window. And you still fear if that little hole in the wall has tiny and evil dwarfs the other side. Though now city is flooded with departmental stores and is going to be the next metro city of the country, you still advocate the superb taste of those 4 for rupee 1 toffees, that orange flavour…. mmmhh the most mesmerizing! And that non-working hand pump reminds you of those amazing shower sessions with your cousins. And you say abruptly nothing is changed! You still have memories of those cheap train sets, and tattoos for which you never mind chewing those bubble gums till it make your gums ache.

Though you are at your grandma’s still as all those years, today too you never bother to ask every now and then about how’s she, like your uncle and aunts do, as you still see her the same energetic and alert lady, who is there to scold for your every wrong move. “Wait till granny fall asleep” defines the only pause during your continuous mischievous games. Then there comes a moment when no more plays would be there, the place now belongs to your uncles and aunts purely, you are just the guest. And no more visits to granny’s , as now the home is locked for uncle is enjoying the summers at some hill station. Now your granny would not be getting up from that deep sleep to scold you once again for roaming around the streets in the noon time.



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