Passive Existence – The Effects of the Techno Times Today- Sneha Sudeep, Maharashtra.


In this hustling and bustling world, all of humanity has surged ahead in terms of technology. What was unimaginable earlier has become a household reality today. What once seemed like fantasy is a usual phenomenon today. It’s no longer about dreaming to touch the moon someday, or “wishing to be like someone else”, with science breaking unfathomable frontiers … Everything that can ever be dreamt of, can in someway be achieved.

In this materialistic rat race… somehow somewhere, humanity is loosing its essence, its soul. Sadly, virtual reality is fiercely taking over innate and intimate reality: the reality of relationships, people and emotions. People prefer meeting up “online”, than meeting over a pleasant conversation. People rather express themselves through the “sms” and “phone calls”, rather than face the fruits of their talks face to face. People are so interested in making “virtual friends”, that they have long forgotten those real and genuine friends who have stood by them through thick or thin.

Is this what we actually wanted to ever evolve into? Are we genuinely happy at this progress, where we have reduced human emotions to emoticons, real people to avatars and meaningful conversations to tweets?

They say, God made man in his own image. And who would disagree? Man can do what no other organism can, he can think, he can understand how he feels, he can purposefully live. Then why have we stopped living and started existing?

Life is a beautiful gift when one can understand what it is to be “alive” and what it feels like to savour each and every day. To savour each day like it was our last, and live every moment, like it was meant to be forever. That’s when we would truly appreciate our lives for having “lived” and not merely existed.

Humans are blessed with innate love, compassion, peace and harmony. Every single soul possesses each of those wonderful elements. We only need to look within ourselves each day and learn to connect within. We need to love ourselves once more, for only then will we start loving others around.

The world’s best things may definitely be expensive.. but the world’s best feelings are very much affordable and deep embedded within us.

Let’s make use of the wisdom of the changing times and build on “who we really are”. Let’s never forget the importance of people, emotions and relationships. Ultimately and eventually, we will always remember how people made us feel and absolutely nothing else.


  1. A sentiment rarely felt these days, especially by those who grew up with TV as the nanny and web as the window to the world.


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