‘Success’ Shines Better with ‘Interest’ – Irene Sandra Devadas


Interest is a relative term which is essential to taste success in every individual’s life. In every aspect of life it is always better to pursue what interests you most to reach nearer to success. Among the various stages of an individual’s life, broadly consisting of the school education, university studies and employment stages the latter demands a lot from every individual. Every individual are placed in a position so as to satisfy their family needs, financial needs, emotional needs etc. Moreover in the current situation of high competition the survival of the fittest is becoming difficult day by day. This scenario eventually creates lots of stress and anxiety among the individuals. In this race to success it is easier and interesting only if the individuals choose the career path of one’s utmost interest.

Every parent in the Indian society is blindfolded about the various opportunities which exist in the career world. They are narrowly focused and hope that their children may become an engineer or a doctor one day. Indian culture which emphasizes on family values, at times demands the children to tread the path of their ancestors putting aside their own interests. In most cases a doctor may dream of his or her offspring to become a doctor, while a realtor would like his offspring to become a civil engineer etc. However in these cases though the parents would like their children to tread the same path they mostly prefer them to go greater heights in the similar field which they have failed to attain.

The seeds to choosing the right career path are unfortunately sown at a very young age at the entry point to their secondary education. Unlike in few other countries where an individual is independent and is in a position to understand their interests, in India the situation is totally different. Choosing of the opposite path contrary to their interests prevents the individuals from excelling in their current study situation. In most of the graduate education the individuals who fail to succeed are victims to this situation. This not only prevents them from success but has the other indirect effects such as lowering confidence, and de–motivating the individual etc.

However in spite of this, many individuals in recent years seem to change their career path to a totally different direction from their original field of specialization. Though only a few with courage and focus choose the path of what interest them most, many are left behind doing what they dislike for most of the years of their life. In this case of changing the career path in between, it may be difficult to attain greater heights due to power struggle. This in a long run creates a negative impact on the individuals and also prevents them from experiencing and enjoying success. They are forced to do against their interest through most part of their life. Like indicated by the famous poet Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

It is necessary to take the road which interests you and suits you the most. In the light of this poem “The Road not taken” the poet clearly analyzes the opportunities and he takes the path which is less traveled by based and this interest which helped him achieve greater heights. Therefore it is necessary to understand and tread on the path which interests you the most rather than what interests others. Parents who play a vital role in every individual’s life should guide and support their children to tread the path towards success.


  1. Its unfortunate but true that Indian parents generally consider their children as extensions of their ego and nothing more. Rarely are children considered as individuals in their own right with their own interests and inclinations..

  2. The above said almost bought tears ,i will tell u y. I am one of  the victim..neither could i fulfill my parents dream nor could i chase mine.. and now every moment in  my life when i see someone dear achieve wht probably i could have….. i sulk ,only if i had the guts to chase mine. But i have vouched tht this wont happen to my daughter. I will be with her all along to get her dreams fulfilled. Thankfully my husband understands that..:)

  3. Thank you for your comments. Am an amateur writer and your comments have greatly motivated me to write more articles. I sincerely thank the indian ruminations editor for posting my article, padma and esha for their comments. Thank you very much.

  4. I only managed to read the article today (sorry) due to work/internet access and honestly couldn’t agree more. Well said, it really summarizes the (typical) Indian parents who likes to put’s their interest first. Do you notice that some parents expect their children however old they are to listen and follow everything they say because they feel the children should be indebted to the parents for bringing them into the world and raising them up. Saying this the children must not be influenced by their friends in making the important choices in their life. I am still in the learning curve/process as a father to put my children’s requirement above all wherever it is necessary.


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