Talking in clichés – Srinivas S, Chennai


Reasons are reasonable, so we will be;
Beliefs are not, so we will disbelieve.
Come! Let’s toast the health of cold logic!
Our minds’ fences will keep infidels out!

Marriages are made in heaven,
But weddings are of the earth.
Pre-nups aren’t necessary, but sufficient;
Relationships are about security, you see?

Competition pushes us to be better,
Though some come off worse for it;
The idea is to be better than yesterday,
Tough luck! Today isn’t good enough!

The world needs dreamers who do:
They come, they see, they conquer!
The young should act, the old sit back…
Resting and living are enemies, you hear?

Knowledge is power, and so is peace.
Wars and enemies though make us brave.
Neutrality is convenient, so take a stand:
You are against us, if you aren’t with us!

Winning and losing are part of sport,
But the best, they play only to win;
We remember only the guy who came first,
The second may well be the last…you care?

Narratives are in; truths, well, almost out,
And every inappropriate word is a crime;
One has the freedom not to take offence,
But freedom of speech has too many ears!

Attitude is an extraordinary thing,
Only tucked-in shirts reveal it though;
After all, inner beauty is buried deep,
And creams just bring it out, you realise?

Life might be a series of random events,
Let’s still hitch our wagons to a bright star;
Our destinies may be but a shadow of it,
But let’s resist the long goodnight anyway!


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