The Essays on the History and Society of Kerala by K.N Panikkar


KN PanikkarThe book ‘The Essays on the History and Society of Kerala’ by K.N Panikkar, the renowned historian released in the inaugural session of the first annual conference of Kerala History Congress on 29th January 2016 at Thiruvananthapuram. The book published by Kerala Council for Historical Research [KCHR] contains a selection of his writings on Kerala history and culture. The general concern of most of the essays in the volume is the implications of colonial modernity and its growing hegemony over the Kerala society. They cover themes such as changes in agrarian relations and family structure, resistance against colonialism and literature as a social and political narrative. The book was released by Dr. Kesavan Veluthat and received by a research scholar. Dr. Kesavan Veluthat commented that it is one of his proud moments that he could release the book of his teacher

Keeping aside the ideological differences among themselves, historians in the state assembled for the Kerala History Congress, modeled on the Indian History Congress and South Indian History Congress for the academic discussions on history. The three day congress will conclude on 31st January.


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