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The Missing Links – Namrata


Life is all about relationships………..Beautiful, entertaining and invigorating relationships. Relationships give us a sense of emotional bonding with one another. They are the threads that bind us together. And we give a name to these threads: Friends, Lovers, Parents, Spouse, Grandparents, Brother, Sister……… and the list is endless.

It seems surprising that we play so many roles in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes we are so entangled within ourselves that with the passage of time these threads fade. They do exist, but only for the sake of existence.

We are too busy to acknowledge their existence. And over a period of time, these threads fade away, loose their sheen, colour, shine and most importantly its strength. Just like any other old and useless commodity they will be thrown away or tucked in some dark unknown corner of our hearts!! With the passage of time, one day when those threads are tugged, there is a downpour of vivid memories and emotions.

Have you ever thought why a worn out saree belonging to our mom or grandmother has a special

importance for us compared to all the costly, latest clothes that we keep on buying for ourselves? It’s the love and affection in that which takes the form of beautiful memories for us. That worn out piece of clothing reminds us of them and makes us nostalgic. Sometimes just drawing them close to us brings a sense of security.

This is how relationships are. The older they are the stronger they are and carry more beautiful memories of the times spent together. It is human tendency. We value anything that is older. A new friend will not have the same place a childhood friend will have.

We tend to introduce them by saying “We are very old friends.” the emphasis being on “OLD”. In a way old symbolizes tried and tested. The relationship has stood the testing times and emerged stronger from the same.

We cherish childhood toys, old gifts and people known to us for a long time because they symbolize the beautiful bond which connects us. Just seeing them and holding it close takes us to a trip down the memory lane which is full of such lovely times that we wish time would have just stopped there.

These people are like pearls which when strung together form a fine-looking necklace known as our

“LIFE”. Any one wrong pearl in the string and the entire piece looses its allure. So we need to be careful in choosing the right people.

We are able to make good relationships with our loved ones only when we honestly struggle to do so and keep on refining the process over a period of time. A good and strong relationship is the one which is based on love, support, trust and care.

The pace of life these days is such that relationships are in the least priority in the list of things to be attended to. We need to have very strong base for all our relationships as they help us lead a stress free life. They are that missing link which sometimes re-connects us to life when we seem to have lost the connection.

Relationships are the central element of our lives. No matter how much money we might have accumulated its all a waste unless we have someone to share that with, on the other hand if we have warm, loving and caring relationships around us anything that happens in the outer world will not affect us. Life is beautiful and such wonderful relationships make it worthwhile. So, we need to hold them closely and cherish them forever.

Editorial Team of Indian Ruminations.


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