Alphabet of evil


Premji is a talented poet born in a remote village named Madappad near Attingal, in Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala. He is an automobile Engineer and a dedicated teacher. He is currently working as a lecturer in Govt. Polytechnic, Attingal. He writes poetry both in Malayalam and English. He is fond of writing short poems in English.  He published a collection of short stories, named Ananya by Mulberry publications Kozhikode in 1999 and its copyright is dedicated to Pain and Palliative Care Society, Kozhikode. He wrote two screenplays and knows four languages. Published more than 200 poems in in the pen name: premji premji.

May be this, the poem ‘alphabet of evil’ the shortest poem by him



  1. I will……I can…..the common element is the “I’ …fighters need them, especially when fate declares war on you in the form of disease and various other calamities,,,the fighting spirit in the ‘I’ is what pulls you through…..;-)

  2. “I” the absolute truth?
    The shining Eternal ‘I’ ?
    Or the small ‘I’ the ego?
    Who am I?
    I AM THAT!
    The Alphabet of free will
    “Imagine a poem so perfect that every reading rings true for every ear and none of it is true. That is my only God.” Mustafa ibn Sayditagin Mustafa.

  3. The individual variable in the collective conscience, ‘I’ forever remains a reaffirmation of all that is independent and unique – a small and subtle rebellion in man’s constant war towards homogeneity.


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