Babitha Marina Justin


Born in Kerala, South India, Babitha Marina Justin had her PhD in travel writing and gender studies from the University of Hyderabad and an M Phil in Art History and Aesthetics from the School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Since then she has been teaching literature and language in various parts of India, like the Northeastern Hill University, Meghalaya and Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum.

Her poems have appeared in an anthology of travel poems called “Journeys” edited by Graham Vivian Lancaster FPMI and Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh published by Trayberry Press / Alexander House, Johannesburg, South Africa, Taj Mahal Review: An International Journal Devoted To Arts, Literature, Poetry And Culture, Kritya, Creative Sapilins, Journal of Post Colonial Literature, and also in various literary journals across the India. Her short stories are also being anthologized. Her research papers on travel writing, identity studies and fine arts and cultural studies are periodically published in journals and as book chapters.

She has performed poetry readings in many national and international poetry festivals in India, has been the featured poet in English at the BBC and DC books sponsored Poet’s Meet  in Trivandrum. At present she lives in her hometown Kerala and dedicates her time between teaching, researching, parenting and poetry


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