Sasidharan Cheruvattath


“I worship being a sail that grasps the aesthetic wind………. to propel me onward in the turbulent seas of awareness to reach the shores of the universal Self. I discern in each form of art and the artist, a lighthouse beaming the glow of pure existence, the very essence of truth, beauty and bliss that not only shows the way but also beckons to bond with an excellence that severs all bondage of survival. And that explains why I became a publisher; by the sheer passion for the ‘time and place- reeking’ inky paper, bound together with fonts that make thoughts freeze into words”.

“I love poetry and write it standing in ‘my place’ trying to sound ‘rational to others’ in my surreal stopovers. Music and photography are my equally infatuated passions. I write under the name ‘Shashi Dhar’ (not exactly a pseudonym) also, to satisfy my ego and other’s obsessions with surface styles. My poems have been published in both online and print magazines like The Auckland poetry, Lesser Flamingo, Short, Fast and Deadly, The Maverick, United World Poets etc”.


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