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The tug of war between darkness and light continuing. Trapped in twilight neither does win. So each cry has a bias to laugh, and each laugh touches tears. P. A. Noushad

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Managing/Chief Editor Sandhya S N Sandhya S. N. is a young Indian English poet and writer living in Thiruvananthapuram. Her poems have been well received by...

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“We are all instinctively bilingual, many of us writing in our own language and in English. We cannot write like the English. We should...


Submissions Indian Ruminations (IR) is a monthly journal available only on the web, and has no print version. It is an online literary journal....

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Indian Ruminations (IR) is a digital content publishing platform...

The Scavenger’s Song

An endless highway. A lone man, Ikbir Kaur, hesitantly walks...
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