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A teacher and researcher by profession; physics, philosophy, ecology and literature have always interested me. An anthology of essays published by Kitab Mahal, titled "Nothing but All- an inquiry into the meaning and implications of modern science".
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An Encounter of a Special Kind – Befriending a town – Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Gujarath

The Mission Like humans, a city or town has its specific identity, its own ‘personality’. For a long time I have pondered over the idea...

Logic of Life and Mind – Chandra Mohan bhandari, Gujarat

“Give me a long rod and a place to stand, and I will lift the whole Earth”. Archimedes while making the statement merely expressed...

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The Forgotten Daughter of Port Adamaro

The story entails the political-historical period of the 1970s when the Dalit Panther movement was soon, to begin with, the influence of the Black Panther movement of the west. The following short story speaks of the relationship of two sisters under the premise of the revolution.


i have arrived at my altar. hark! i rise, i...
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