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Executive Editor, Indian Ruminations
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Despite Workplace Discrimination and Denial of Basic Rights: Delhi Nurses Opens Community Kitchen to Feed the Hungry

AIIMS nurses are in an ongoing battle for securing basic rights even in the face of a pandemic. A notice put out by AIIMS Nurses criticised...

Peranbu – A Tale Knitted in Compassion!

“Reality is not art, but a realist art is one that can create an integral aesthetic of reality,” wrote André Bazin, one of the...

The Delaying Justice- Postal worker’s ongoing struggle for survival

The Indian postal department, which is the largest postal network in the world, seems to be in utter chaos after the proclamation of an...

The unending witch hunt on Al Jazeera – Sreerag PS

It seems to be there is no end for the witch hunt on Al Jazeera . Although the Doha based television network is  owned by Qatari...

Metamorphosis from the ‘Body Politik’ to the ‘Language of the Streets’

The 8th Edition of International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFOK) which showcased plays from different parts of the world , starting from legendary choreographer...

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Her Dead Alive Octopus

I caught upon an uncanny creature,Amidst a fish vending...

Fruit Punch

I should have asked her months ago. But I have been preoccupied with my family’s concerns. How will you protect your wife in that unknown place? What will you do if someone harms her? You have no experience in travel. You don’t even know Hindi. How will you get things done? Why can’t you go someplace nearby, like Munnar? But I had promised Agneta, and I couldn’t break it.
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