Monday, June 21, 2021


As a soothing sign

As a soothing signrivers flow unpollutedinto our hearts,we are locked,where are our friends,neighbours, relatives…they went to the world of distancing,the mask wearing figuresroam around,quarantines,...

Three Poems for Her

The Weaver Let me weavethe red and white rishathe black rigwnaiand connect to my womanhood, Let me weavethe pachra and achalcelebrate geometric motifsand connect to my...

This Day

This day isAll there ever was, all there is, all there will ever beFor, all tomorrows will be, all todays are, all yesterdays were,For...

Ode to an Inkling

Deep within, the Recluse and his Muse sit arm in arm. Limbs intertwined in passion. The Recluse indulges his Muse, Time forgotten, space confined. I am without you, within you, the Muse muses. I am the screams of silence.


The Kalashnikov imagery stutters like broken kids in the valleys, This idol of time, a relic not worshipped. The struggles in the hills of the...

India Post. Since 1854.

I stood behind the counter of our local post-office watching them sort the mail in the morning. White bags, imprinted in the red rectangular box with...

I will Never Read Shakespeare – Vivek Sinha, Bihar

Things were better when she wasn’t here, Days and nights were passing reading Shakespeare, I would sit on the window looking on the...

Gauthama Buddha – P.A Noushad

Stream flows in my heart as it flows years ago your words still in my mind with the swelling echoes, as an enchanting...

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