Sunday, May 29, 2022


Hopes – K.E. Thampi, Kerala

Every wave in my emotion Have covered every wave in our ocean see their search of misery and pain and worst get better to win when hopes come...

City’s Seasons – Babitha Marina Justin, Kerala

Babitha Marina Justin marriages are like migrations to cities, the unfamiliarity and the task of getting used to them; my weathered feathers in new city, combating heat and cold when...

The Dreamer’s Choice – Kamala, Kerala

 Kamala Once, I was a flower bud that flew off Thrilled and unnoticed. Traveled and meditated, On the soul mountains, Fished irresistible truths In the mystic ponds, Met several cavemen Who never...

She’s Gone…… – Sethulakshmi

he sat weary and lonesome, game lost and life drained, stink of death smothered her, intoxicating her luscious senses. Held close to her heart was a fist, tightly clenched...

Ecstasy – Latha Prem Sakhya

Latha Prem Sakhya, a new generation poet declares her poems are more personal than social and express her own strong beliefs and convictions. She...

Crumbling leaves…No, They are fragments of lives – Aiswarya T Anish

when will MAN fathom his inexorable peril? As he rampages through time, oblivious of the devil. Vaporising the last drop of tears While drilling into mother earth’s...

Mud Slinging

Gilchrist said 'Sachin's a sore' Vengsarkar said 'Gilchrist's a bore' For all he wished was his book released, and the sales of which would soar Annie George

I wait

I Wait… The last birds return back, Lower belly of the sky reddens, Noises drown in dead silence, A lonely star blinks dimly In the distant northern sky’ I wait As...


I use to wear it so simply The radiant armor, my pretty smile One can see me as warrior While I wear it brilliantly I sometimes may conquer...


The tug of war between darkness and light continuing. Trapped in twilight neither does win. So each cry has a bias to laugh, and each laugh touches tears. P. A. Noushad

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