Sunday, February 5, 2023


Reviewing Khushwant Singh’s ‘The Sunset Club’ by Thara D’Souza

If Khushwant Singh decides to write again I will definitely read that book. Reading and discussing his books has always made me and my...

Reviewing Sandor Marai’s Casanova in Bolzano by Jacab Abraham

Literary Masterpieces have always their own secret stories to tell, when Sandor Marai’s Embers and Casanova in Bolzano came to the world in English...

Getting Heard – Annie George

“Through poetry we approach fresh and unexplored areas of meaning. It is never a meaning in finality we can only hope to have approached...

Reviewing Aravind Adiga’s ‘The White Tiger’ by Thara D’Souza.

When Aravind Adiga’s debut novel The White Tiger won Booker prize in 2008 he became the fourth Indian to take this coveted position...

Reviewing Latha Prem Sakhya’s ‘Memory Rain’ by Dr.Mary Annie A.V

Memory Rain Latha Prem Sakhya Calicut: Monsoon Editions,2008 Pp  79  Rs.150/ Latha Prem Sakhya was born in 1959 in Kanyakumari District , Tamil Nadu and began writing rather...

Reviewing Orhan Pamuk’s ‘The Museum of Innocence’ by Jacob Abraham

Jacob Abraham Ferit Orhan Pamuk generally known simply as Orhan Pamuk is one of Turkey's most prominent novelists. His work has been sold over seven...

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