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Sandhya S N
Sandhya S. N. is a young Indian English poet and writer living in Thiruvananthapuram. Her poems have been well received by the readers. She is working with Kerala Council for Historical Research. She is a News Presenter in Doordarshan too.  She is the Poetry Editor of Roots & Wings, an alternative publishing venture. She also involves in social activities.  She is presently doing Ph.D in Gender and Development

Published Works:

1. Break the Silence, a book of Poetry
2. New Voices (Anthologized)
3. Roots & Wings, Anthology of Indian Women Writings in English (Co-author and Co-editor)
4. Tequila a translation of poems of Sri.Rajesh Chithira


Chief Editor
J T Jayasingh

J T Jayasingh is a poet-philosopher and publisher whose works have been published in the web journals like,,,,, and other print journals. He is the Founder Director of Roots & Wings, an alternative Publishing House. At present he is teaching English in a renowned college in Kerala. He takes classes, conducts training programmes and gives lectures on varied topics. He is interested in photography and travel writing too.

Published Works:

1. A Bird’s a View, a book of poems and essays
2. Waves won’t Die, a book of poetry
3. New Voices, Edt.
4. IELTS Speaking a Handbook
5. IELTS Total Solution, Co-author

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  1. Dear Sandhya, Got to know of this site from Savithri Rajeevan. Liked what I found and you can say that now I’m a regular visitor. A site catering to amateutr English poets was missing and this site really fills that void beautifully. All the best. Keep up the good work.

  2. dear sandhya mam and JT Sir,We have become a fan of you all.We are a regular visitors.Can you please catagorise the poems in theme wise if you can.. like love,nature,history,beauty, youth etc.good effort mam.we love you ASHA club members.

  3. Dear Sandhya and Jayasingh. Your endeavor is a very noble one.Giving a platform for amateur English writers to publish and get recognition is as noble as it is important. I hope that you excel in your chosen fields and this endeavor gets the name and recognition is justifiably deserves.

  4. Dear Sandhya and Jayasingh, came to know of this wonderful journal from today’s Metroplus.Congratulations for thinking of something like this which would be of immense value for all aspirant writers.Wish you all the best.

  5. Nice to know about your journal and website,all the best,heard about you in the Bangalore editions of The Hindu Metro Plus column dt.01.03.2011..keep in touch,best wishes

  6. Really glad to log in to such a website. It would be marvellous if our profile page and our details are clear . Wishing you all success.

  7. Dear editors,i have a request. I would be glad if writers are given a feed back on their write ups. It could be sent to their mail ids. Hoping to see some more innovative works in future. Regards and Best Wishes to the team

  8. Dear young editors, I personally take this opportunity to thank you for the small step you have taken. This will be a platform for the indian writers who will exploit them to their maximum ability to produce a perfect work. Wishing you success once again.

  9. Dear Sandhya / Jayasingh, Gr8 effort, I must admit. Good reading stuff ! Liked whatever I could get hold of during the first visit itself. Hope you guys continue to produce such good work. Cheers!

  10. Hi, I bumped into this site by accident. The site looks very promising and the content so far is impressive. Wishing you all the very best.

  11. I been Desperately Trying to Get Connected with Writers from Indian in London as well whole UK.
    I am Published Author from USA.. My two Hindi Novels 1. Saat Samundar Paar 2. Saat Phero Se Dhokha 3) is under publication which will be released soon. My First Hindi Novels is translated in English which is available on Amazon ” Across the Seven Seas” My Name in English Novel as author will be ” Kamlesh Chauhan Gauri” I want to get connected with my Indo- English Writers in London.. Please write me how I can share my views and learn from all of you in UK> Please write —

  12. Wishes in plenty from a fellow native, writer!

    Calibre attains peak!

    Dewan V. Selvam


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