Oh! Indian Society, the time is up!


“I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue.”- Elizabeth Gilbert

Can anywhere else on the surface of the earth, around twenty young women could be raped by some heinous men in a week or two and yet escape scot-free? It raises so many questions against Indian democracy and of course what role the thinking and sensitive women of India have to play.  No longer can this issue be spared to be lectured in academic halls or hot media talks. It is time to be discussed in every nook and corner of villages until these so called Indian men learn decency by education or by stringent punishments.

The recent instances reflect democratic India seems to advocate undemocratic in the implementation of human rights. It is time to wide open your conscience to protest against this evil. The hypocrisy the society advocates in the matter of giving dignity to women to share a life in this earth shall be strictly protested.  Indian society must learn that the violation of human rights is a great sin than some of their unwanted moral policing. And they have to react responsibly against this violation without considering caste and politics.

Chief Editors

Sandhya S.N & J.T Jayasingh


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