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Annie: You write equally well in Malayalam and English. Tell us how you got drawn to the latter.

Noushad: I feel that English language has more depth to express my emotions. Literary words in the English language often help me to express my wide range of moods, feelings and thoughts.

Annie: Among other genres, why do you prefer poetry more often?

Noushad: In my view all literary works in the world are trying to merge into poetry because poems can fondle our hearts, this great role of poetry inspired me to become a poet. My poems are translated into other languages; it encourages me to continue as a poet.

Annie: Have any of the past writers influenced your writing?

Noushad: Sure. Khalil Gibran,Tagore and Wordsworth influenced me much as  mystic poets. Uncertainties of earthly life, desire to be eternal and wish to merge with the universal soul, realities of life are the very important themes in my poems, this is the reason I think Khalil Gibran inspired me the most.

Annie: You keep your lines short and sweet, yet your message comes out sharp and clear. How do you achieve this?

Noushad: I use simple language and direct approach to write my poems but the themes are universal this is the reason perhaps why my message comes out sharp and clear.

Annie: I can see that the dream imagery keeps recurring in your poems. Your latest collection published by Roots and Wings is also titled DREAMS AND TEARS. How do you see/explain it?

Noushad: Dreams are often crushed by the realities of life and it causes the tears trickle down like a stream and on its surface different types of ripples are formed .We will recognize that our dreams are the incentives constantly pouring the energy to work again and again.

Annie: Mention about your published works?

Noushad: Touch of the Soul by Olive Publications, Being into Infinity and Love and Love by Monsoon Editions, these are the two poetry collections. I am also anthologized in New Voices, an anthology of five new millennium poet from Kerala brought out by Roots & Wings, you know it since you are also a part of it. And the latest one is of course Dreams and Tears, selected poems by Roots and Wings for which I got the Elena Best Laureate State Award.

Annie: You deserve to be congratulated for winning the Elena Best Laureate State Award, 2010. How do you react?

Noushad: Unfortunately an ambience  which discourages Indian English literature is prevailing in Kerala, so I feel  this award has more value and of course it has inspired me to produce more and better poems. I am thankful for them since it is a path breaking award.

Annie: The last time we met, I remember you had begun work on a novel. How is it progressing?

Noushad: In the novel ’Before Death’ I am trying to express how a society can poison innocent people and make them criminals. The darkened mysterious area of human mind is a very important question to answer many. My novel tells this.

Annie: As fellow writers we keep meeting at poetry festivals and writers’ meet any memorable instances?

Noushad: International poetry festival organized by Kritya in 2007 gave me the opportunity to discuss literature with the writers from Ireland, Iran, Croatia, America, England and of course the valuable friends like you.

Annie: How do you foresee the future of Indian English Writing?

Noushad: Now a days, Indian English writers get more recognition in the domestic and international arena. It gives hope. Some of the Indian English writers who influenced me as a writer are Arundhathi Roy, Kamala Surayya, J T Jayasingh and T P Rajeevan. The literary works of Anitha Nair, Sandhya S N, Juju Abraham, Annie George, R K Narayan, Fousia Unus are always on my table and often I enjoy them. Like a good harvest Indian English gives me much these days.


Indian Ruminations, Editorial Team


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