An Evening in Alleppey – Priyaranjan Das, Kerala


As their waves were not like ours

Nor the surf and the air

I missed the camera when I was in Alleppey.

The black water rolling into the waves

The white foam all around,

In the strong current under the knee-deep water

I felt the power of Arabian

Not when drowsing in the effect of McDowell’s.

The roaring waves in the alien bay

The moist spray on my face

Dimmed my vision, salted the taste.

In that lonesome misty eve

Lost I was among the faces strange.

Enchanted though felt a sense of void

Gloomy thoughts of love lost,

Approaching destruction of something dear.

Needed none when I used to be

In the tranquil bay of the Dagara beach

Spending hours watching

The living crabs, dead shells

Fishing boats, the flight of encircling crows,

Never ever a thought of depression

Conquered my steady mind.

Vastness always gave a realization of sublimity

Loneliness an elevation to spirituality

Losing my mark was always seen with delight,

Meeting the vastness was felt the triumph ultimate

Like the dead shells in the sandy mound.

The swing of mood was evident.

Was it because of the perennial conflict of east and west?

Was it not the swing of every degree out of my comfort zone

That the dark cavern of fear and evil got better exposed?


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